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New streetlight for massive city illumination (release)

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Its my pleasure to finally release my new streetlight.
No more need to switch the lights on ! Once placed in the editor it will immediately be on. During daytime its luminosity is reduced so that it will appear as if switched off.
I want to gratefully acknowledge here the great help recieved from the devs in getting it working, using the new "gameob" objdef  and in particular KW71 for a great idea of how to efficiently handle
ground illumination without actually using active lighting.

In addition to the streetlight I release here a demonstrative scenery of beautiful seaside tourist resort "tortoli" in sardinia island (italy).
The scenery contains nearly a thousand carefully handplaced streetlights and several miles of railroad tracks for use with my train mod once it will be optimised.
Another feature of this scenery is that the city roads are all fully driveable, since I have corrected all the positions of the houses
to avoid that they block roads as unfortunately happens with most cities in outerra.
Exploring a city by car/truck instead of ufo mode is a whole new experience
especially at night with all the buildings and roads illuminated by streetlights !

Note: for getting the lights to work correctly with vehicles, the vehicles need a small code addition. Here for a start is the streetlight-enabled Tatra 815-7 fly77 truck model .. I will "streetlight-enable" any vehicle on request.

download the streetlight from here:

download the tortoli-illuminated scenery from here

note: to enhance the experience of exploring the location install also my tortoli-soundscape mod
that will add local sounds varying with location and time of day such as seagulls, harbour and city sounds, beach party and airport sounds etc..

download the tortoli soundscape from here
Note: to get the tortoli sounds activated you need to choose "soundscape" from vehicles menu and drop the boombox wherever you like.

demonstrative video
(Note pump up the volume as I unfortunately set the volume a bit too low )

make a backup copy of your outerra cache and user-packages folders
normally located in
outerra installation drive:\Users\...username...\Outerra\cache

Then click on self-installing   streetlight.otx ,T817-streetlight-enabled.otx, soundscape.otx  files

after downloading "tortoli-illuminated" cache folder unzip it and copy it to the location of your user cache folder ...(normally drive:\Users\...username...\Outerra\cache)..It will overwrite just a region about 10 km wide around tortoli/italy

Use: In the scenery editor (F7 key) search for "streetlight" under assets.
grab the light and place it wherever you want.

Note that the bounding box of the streetlight is very big, don't worry that is normal and
it won't obstruct anything since the bounding box has no collision.
Usually for placing many lights you will copy paste /duplicate it in the editor and then drag the copied streetlight.
Sometimes (apparently because of an outerra bug) it can happen that you can't grab the copied light to drag it.
To solve this issue proess R to rotate the light slightly and now you can grab and drag it.

for the scenery's local sounds: get "soundscape" from vehicles menu and spawn the boombox wherever you like.

Congratulations Fly, spectacular .. a huge contribution to the outerra community .. thank you so much for your time. It's a great job.
It is an intelligent solution, the sun never goes out either .. very well thought out .. very happy, to also think that the lights of airports in the future can be solved in the same way ..
thanks Fly.

Thanks aWac9.  This version is for "manual placement". In the future I hope to make also a version for "automatic placement" so that bigger cities can be illuminated.
Also the fact is that the present version to work best needs some lines of code to be added to vehicles.
This is needed so that "active lights" become visible when the camera is near enough (<300m). In principle it should be also added to planes and boats but for planes/boats its less important as they usually "fly/navigate" far away enough from streetlights. The code "clamps" the in game camera (igc) used by the streetlights to the vehicle.
Unfortuntaely for characters this is not possible, so bypass the issue you need to exit (press shift+ENTER) and re-enter(press ENTER) if you feel you "walked into the dark". (this will reset the icg position to the current character position and so activate again the active lights around you).
I hope in the future to find a way to avoid this complication.
Anyway the lines of code to be added to vehicles are the following.

--- Code: ---var  $igc;

function init_vehicle()
  $igc = this.$query_interface("ot::js::igc.get");
  this.geom = this.get_geomob(0);

function update_frame(dt, engine, brake, steering, parking)
  if (this.get_camera_mode() != 256){             // if camera associated to some vehicle
    $igc.set_pos( this.geom.get_pos(), this.geom.get_rot());   

--- End code ---


impressive snapshot, you are going to become an artist as well as a programmer. :)

When I add the new scenario ,, is superimposed on the previous ,, fly ,, how many space or km is replaced of the Tortoli scenario?

Its only affecting an area of around 10 km. If you have already installed my old tortoli scenery that scenery will be deleted but its not a problem as the new one is much better. Unfortuntaley outerra does not permit to "merge local sceneries"


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