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Animated AI cows (release)

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Finally here it is ... the first AI character for outerra...well AI animal !

Download from here:

1) copy the folder marco to your outerra root packages folder:   Anteworld/packages contains the cow path will be ....\Anteworld\packages\marco
2) click on self-installing cow.otx file

Note: this is the first mod that uses the new "gameob" definition, so the cow will not be found in the F3 menu, instead you will find it in the scenery editor (F7 key).

Under assets search for "cow" and place the cows in the scenery and see how they immediately start to
walk around autonomously, exploring their surroundings. If any gets lost amidst the trees or you can't see it anymore for any reason you can find it by following its bell sound.

You can also interact with the cows, approaching them in ufo mode. When you are at  less than 2 m from the cows you can push them to change their direction,
depending from which side you approach it. For the push to have effect you need slightly backtrack after having approached the cow. Just be aware that these cows have their own will and sometimes are very stubborn !
On the other hand they're intelligent and won't do wrong things normally.
To keep them confined the best thing to do is to choose an apropriate natural location in a valley or near a small pond, or you can try (no guarantee !) to place some ridges around your ranch (for example with the road tool)
- but keep ready to push back any escaping cow!

With their inborn instinct to avoid water and steep slopes and their preference to walk towards flat terrain you can have a lot of fun
just by watching them spread out, epxloring the terrain and walk down some beautiful mountain slopes or hills until they find a nice pond or a flat meadow.
...or you can play rancher , trying to keep the herd together or make them walk down a road, or help out any cows eventually trapped in a sink or on top of a rock

Important note:   if you want the cows to maintain their last position when exiting outerra, before closing outerra you need to open the scenery editor, do any small modification to the grabbing a cow and move it (or moving a house some cm..if there is no cow near) and only then exit outerra..otherwise they will start off where you originally placed them in the scenery editor...the choice is yours

No limits to your imagination they 're alive ! have fun !

in case above video is blocked look at this copy

magnificent Fly ... thank you.
a question .. and if I want the cow to be still without moving? which key should i press?


I could add a key , for now there isn't...why you want the cow to stand still ?

good question ... I'll have to ponder the answer. :)


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fantastic !  Outerra : great, greater...the greatest !   :) :) :)


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