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animated, interactive corn (release)


Its my pleasure to finally release my animated corn that will allow you to create huge, animated, interactive corn fields.

Together with my animated cows and some beautiful models from other modders it allows creating some very credible and beautiful farm sceneries.... which could be the basis of a future farming simulator for outerra...expect more development in this direction from my side very soon   ;)

The animated version of corn reacts to wind and can be crushed by walking into it in ufo mode or by driving into it with a "corn-smashing-enabled" car.
A  first such enabled car is provided here: its a mod of 1WildHyena's Sumitzu 1966 Sidewinder, my preferred car at the moment ;) .
I also added cabin lights to the Sumitzu (press shift-L) for more comfortable night driving.

Some more information about the corn mod:
The static version of corn is just static but is very useful for making huge corn fields as it has a very low fps impact.
A good idea when creating corn fields in the editor is to mix static and animated corn so that they are both huge and have some animation.
All this is explained in detail in the simple instruction video below. Please have a look at it to achieve best results.
Finally each version of corn (animated and static) comes in two colors: a green version and a brown version.

Download the corn mod from here:

For it to work you also need my fly77_plugin.dll that you can download from here

copy the folder "marco" into your."../Anteworld/packages" folder.....accept overwrite....note this folder contains just files for my mods so there is no risk of overwriting any essential outerra or other user's files
copy the fly77_plugin.dll file into your "../Anteworld/plugins" folder.....accept overwrite.....any new release is backwards compatible so you don't break any of my previous mods

Use: find the animated corn in the scenery editor
corn5      animated green and brown corn (you can tell which is which by their icons)
corn6      static green and brown corn (you can tell which is which by their icons)

Download the "corn-smashing-enabled" Sumitzu 1996 Sidewinder from here:

Installation: just click on self-installing   corn-smashing-sumitzu-1996-Sidewinder.otx  file
Use: note that it will leave 1WildHyena's original version of the Sidewinder untouched. The corn smashing version will appear as a new mod with a fly77 icon.

Instruction video on the different possibilities to set up corn fields in the scenery editor:

some examples of farm sceneries:

fantastic .. now i am a happy farmer
thank you very much friend.

y.w. !

critical update !

-improvement of framerate when  having many corn fields set-up around the world.

Redownload just the corn mod from here:

Important update: 

with the latest outerra version installation of mods has become much more comfortable, allowing single-click .otx installation even of complex multicomponent packages.
here is the upgrade of the above corn5, corn5b, corn6, corn6b animated and static corn models all grouped into a single .otx installation file need for extra folders creation.
So please download and reinstall the corn mods from here

The older installation files are no longer available.


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