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Author Topic: Outerra colony pods considerations.  (Read 6660 times)


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Outerra colony pods considerations.
« on: October 13, 2011, 05:08:38 pm »

Ok, if I make any mistakes in the basics please let me know.
First we need something that can carry 50 people. preferably 25 couples. these would have been chosen by the mother ship for colonization.
So the Pod ship should have 25 living quaters.

My first thoughts are something akin to an over glorified shipping conatianer with boosters(4 total) for landing the ship. from this i felt a more rounded front end for the command area was in order. now the ship must be LARGE, one floor easily holding the living quaters for the 25 couples. another floor would possibly be needed to store the initial heavy equipment of the colony. this would be a variety of tractor, mining equipment and farming equipment. For energy the obvious answer intially would be solor power. the panels for this could easily be distributed over the hull of the ship. perhaps having to be installed after landing, meaning they too would need storage areas. fuel is another issue. large areas strictly for fuel for the equipment would be needed. now this is of course assuming that supplies from the mother ship would be limited. perhaps some oil drilling equipment should also be added. this means that upon landing the  first things that would need to be built would be: oil rig for energy, farms for food, mining operation for materials, logging operation for building materials, and the beginnings of road contruction to link these all together.

Ill post more as it comes to me.


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Re: Outerra colony pods considerations.
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 05:45:24 am »

The idea is that people are stacked in cryostasis in the module, and you can wake up more of them once you secure the resources and are able to feed and task and accommodate them. So the pod would be quite packed and minimized initially, and as it lands and buries itself, it would start building an underground "tower", by digging and walling new underground levels. As you grow and build, you will be able to defrost more people and lodge them there.

The advantages are obvious:
  • the colony pod will be much smaller
  • the colony will be more safe and harder to eradicate by a bad luck
  • growth will be controlled, a longer, gradual game play