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universal spotlights (release)


Here I share with you a set of simple colored spotlights for use in your sceneries.

As with my previous lightbulbs and tarmac lights they do not require to be switched on as they are made as gameobjects

This means that during daytime they will still be on but you will not notice it so much.
For now this is what is possible. In future outerra versions it may be possible to switch them off during daytime

Download from here:

Installation: click on self-installing spotlights.otx file

Use: open scenery editor (F7 key) and under "assets" search for spotlight. You will find a folder with
5 spotlights: white, red, green, blue and yellow.
pick and place them in the scenery. To adjust height either drag it up with the mouse while holding pressed TAB key or edit the a.s.l. altitude value in the editor as with my lightbulbs.

Advanced use: in case you are not satisfied with the provided intensity or illumination cone angle you can adjust them
by editing the objdef files in the fly77/spotlight packages folder , editing the values in the line:
   "parameters" : "colore:0, intens:1.0, edge:0.3, angle:60, bsize:0.2", 
don't change the color number, which stands for 0=white,1=red, 2=green, 3=blue, 4=yellow
as they need to match the values in the corresponding mtl files.

thanks fly ,,, I was thinking that I use to give these spotlights ... maybe the color of the night of a city, in buildings ..

its trendy , yes


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