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Hi, just a little question from a noob

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Hi, sorry for bad english. I have a noob question maybe also asked inaccurately because of my little knowledge (in case I apologize)

I have seen video that a pc with 2 gb video and 8 ram can kept very well big cities when flying over it on this interesting engine.

so I ask just for curiosity: outerra could be ideal for games with many units, structures, effects such as a strategy game in C & C style with new things such satellites, a view variable from space to 20-50 m from the ground etc. 

or modern flight combat simulator or war sim like arma 3/titanIm with possibility of dynamic campaign in an area of few thousand km, weapons that can hit very far, cities, dozens units and effects sometimes even near player..

holding as minimum requirements 2 gb video 8 ram? if the answer is no, is it possible to have, although the games description is very vague, an estimate of how much performance similar games might take if they run on outerra engine? thanks!!

Minimum requirements:

    Windows Vista and higher
    Nvidia 400 series or better, AMD/ATI 5000 or better with recent AMD/ATI drivers (older ATI series are no longer supported by AMD and their legacy drivers do not work well with Outerra)
    Recent graphics drivers!
    2GB graphics memory
    8GB RAM
    3GB disk space for the initial install, up to 100-300GB for fully downloaded Earth dataset, depending on the resolution used.


    Nvidia 1070GTX or better, AMD RX 480 or better
    16 GB RAM
    8GB graphics memory
    a 4-core CPU

I run Outerra on an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti. It's kind of a mid-range card nowadays. It doesn't run bad on lower settings, but it also means you'd have to sacrifice a few things like 3D trees.

I'm curious if an SSD helps keep the performance good as well, or if it's just more RAM (or VRAM?).  It tops out my 16GB of RAM I think, and I'm still on a HDD.  Then the framerate gets really bad for some periods.

Thanks for the replies! I saw that in the past years the requirements were lower.. maybe that's why there were so many objects in the video and so surprisingly fluid, easy, with only 2gb video / 8 ram


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