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As to a recent reply ... till I am fully committed again to OTs stuff, Im putting my actual state 3D models with all the resources here for anyone's free use.

State at 2.3.2021´s date

So, have fun !
( if any questions or menial support from my side is required, just ask on PM, or find me on Skype/FB )

 P.S.: I used meshes as bones for simple math-based animations, thus mesh-trees are structured accordingly. More content models are in one file ( was hoping to separate them and call them in for vehicles as separate instances, not implemented ) so they are bulky, but all the modules have their separate mesh-tree branches for easy work.

wow ! That is fantastic ! finally some more ground based military vehicles ! I knew some of these mods but since most don't work any longer didn't make any use of them so far.
Now the situation is different...having the blender files, and having learned a lot on animation ...and having some use for it (like the antiaircraft gun, or missile launchers) its a fantastic resource..

thank you so much ! ...having the original files is invaluable to do animation.

Fantastic pack of models....
going to import the Mi8.....we'll have big fun !

 :D Nice!



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