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AP and Blender Material Settings

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I am interested in the recommended Substance to Blender or Substance to OT workflow and settings. I have looked at the git hub but the image with the Substance Painter settings has a broken link so all you get is a black box.

The current workflow I use is:
 - Build models in blender
 - Create textures in SP
 - Link textures to model in Blender
 - Export from Blender as fbx
 - Import into OT

When we do this, only the normal and albedo textures are converted to dds and linked, the roughness, metallic and emissive textures are ignored by the importer even though they are linked in the blender material.

1. What are the recommended Substance Painter Project Settings?

2. What is the recommended Blender material settings so that the roughness, emissive and metallic textures are included in the import process?

Thank you in advance.

You can create the missing .dds files using nvcompress. Here is the link to the wiki:
There you'll find an example. You can create a .bat in the folder where your .pngs are.

Yes, we already do this. Is that the only way, and will the importer ever support roughness, metallic or emissive textures on import?

I have viewed the github, the image that is meant to display the Substance Painter settings has a broken link, so we can't see them. Is it possible to convert these setting to a table, or fix the broken image link?


I see the link is updated, I was looking here Thanks.

Thanks for reporting the broken link to the image. Is updated now.


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