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mig29 combat-ready upgrade (release)

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It is my pleasure to finally release my "combat-ready" mig29fly77 version.
By combat-ready I mean it has all the features needed for my upcoming fighterjet bombing (mini)game.
So you can start using it already now to bomb some destructible targets or whatever other target you choose
(download destructible targets and marker form here

The new features included are:
- improved target sight, including better stabilization and greater zoom level
- active cockpit HUD
- onscreen info display giving flight and weapon info
- possibility to switch to a simplified combat mode camera system (skipping the formation flight camera)
- pitch hold autopilot useful especially in combat mode when in targeting view
- plane crash if diving into ground, taxing on rough terrain or pulling excessive g's

Download from here:

1) click on self-installing mig29fly77-game-ready.otx  file
2) drop fly77_plugin.dll into outerra/Anteworld/plugins folder

Commands are as in the previous version (see here ) and are all
described in the ingame help menu (press T key)

The upgrade includes these new commands:
- pitch autopilot: ctrl+D
- combat camera mode: comma key
- show/hide onscreen info display: shift+K

¡¡ Bravo !!
superb, another great contribution from fly
thank you very much .. and congratulations ...

thanks aWac9
I hope I can add active flares to the next upgrade that will come together with the SAM launcher.  ;)

How can I eliminate the explosion of the mig29?
if you fly level and jerk the lever upwards ,,,, it explodes


--- Quote from: aWac9 on April 23, 2021, 12:21:38 pm ---How can I eliminate the explosion of the mig29?
if you fly level and jerk the lever upwards ,,,, it explodes

--- End quote ---

I thought you are a carefully flying pilot  =D

first of all check if you had by mistake active the pitch autopilot while doing such jerky flying (X shown near to pitch angle in info display, and pitch angle in red on HUD)

if that was not the cause then OK if you like to fly jerky then open mig29.js file and look in lines 1676 and 1677

--- Code: ---explode(this.snd, this.explosions, this.geom.get_pos(), 3 ,"object bomb");
this.exploded = true;
--- End code ---

comment out these lines

--- Code: ---//explode(this.snd, this.explosions, this.geom.get_pos(), 3 ,"object bomb");
//this.exploded = true;
--- End code ---

or in line 1674
increase the gforce limit, substituting the number 30 with some bigger number

--- Code: ---if ( (this.jsbsim['position/h-agl-ft']*0.3048 > 10  && gforce > 30) || (this.jsbsim['position/h-agl-ft']*0.3048 < 10  && this.parking_break_switch ==0 && gforce > 8)){   
--- End code ---


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