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It is my pleasure to release my missile launcher for outerra.

The launcher can be used either as AI surface to air missile launcher, locking automatically onto mig29fly77 jets piloted by the player or a missile launcher to hit ground targets with the player in control of the launcher.
The launcher can be spawned from the vehicles menu looking for "SAMbattery2"

In addition to the launcher the mod comes with a "target" that can be spawned from the vehicle menu and that automatically generates randomly a number of destructible buildings, a target marker and
a set of missile launchers to defend the target from mig29fly77 attacks.
The 3D model of the launcher was generously provided by Revolver :)

If you are not satisfied with the autospawned SAM launchers generated by the target you can always move them in the scenery editor or add new ones spawning SAMbattery2 from the vehicles menu.

download the mod from here:

1) click on self-installing "missile-launcher-pack-2021.otx" file
2) drag fly77_plugin.dll  into Anteworld/plugins folder

Once a target or SAMbattery2 is spawned you're ready to play: Try to attack the target with the mig29fly77 and watch out for incoming missiles chasing you.

The following videos describe what kind of action you can expect from this little minigame and how to customize the launcher.

Summary of the control keys:

help menu: T
master arm: J
toggle ground/SAM mode : R
toggle autofire: K
change missile speed: O
change fire interval: H (incr) , shift-H (decr)
explosive power: ctrl+T  (Incr), ctrl+b (decr)
launcher label ctrl+S
light: L

lock ground target: right mouse button
fire missile: left mouse button
pitch, yaw: arrow keys
zoom: numpad +/-

external cameras: C key
toggle gunsight, forward observer cameras: v key
in forward observer camera view to move around: arrow keys + mouse

you can use the launcher also on ground targets :D


when I press the left mouse button to shoot, ,,,, it crashes

I see an error was popping up. Can you post your eng.log file please. Did you drop the new pluging into Anteworld/plugins folder ? You need to do that. This fly77_plugin.dll is new.

ok - solved ... it was the plugin
Thank you


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