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mig29 formation flight squadron mod (release)

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Finally I've decided to release my mig formation flight squadron mod.
It installs as a new mod , easily recognizable by its icon, keeping it separate from my former mig29 mod
The reason for this choice was that due to a bug the missile targeting system broke and missiles no longer shoot at the locked ground targets.
Note that the target select ( P key) now just serves to to select the ground camera view, which I recommend you to use to get some really cool views.

The AI developed so far holds the formation together reasonably well even though the planes from time to time will fly in a more loose group.

This unpredictable behaviour together with the inbuilt collision-avoidance mechanism and evading maneuvres makes flying with the formation actually more interesting
as it feels more alive.

Also note that for now the spawned formation flies at constant altitude and tries to hold a speed of 300 kts.
So get used to fly at 300 kts ! :)

Its a lot of fun , both to fly with the formation and watch it do some crazy maneuvers especially if you fully exploit the inbuild cockpit, flyby and ground camera views !

download the mod from here:

1) download the fly77plugin.dll and drop it into the outerra plugins folder :  ../Anteworld/plugins
The new plugin will not affect negative older mods, so accept overwriting any fly77plugin.dll you might have there already.
2) double click on the self-installing mig29formation.otx file

Enjoy !
(note: the mod is not yet able to do any formation takeoff or landing..In the video I just faked it  :D )


flight controls:

engine on: E
elevator up/down: S/W
aileron left/right: A/D
steering/rudder left/right: Z/X
gear: . key
break: B
parking break: associate custom key "\" to "air/fuel/shut_down" in outerra F12 menu
open/close cockpit: O
CTRL+D pitch hold autopilot
CTRL+S speed hold autopilot
CTRL+W heading hold autopilot
CTRL+A altitude hold autopilot
shift+B airbrake

spawn mig formation:CTRL+ENTER   (to get a nice formation spawn preferably when airborne at speed 300 kts with wings leveled) 

show hide info and plane labels: shift+K

camera system:

next camera view: v 
previous camera view: shift+v
increase / decrease the flyby camera range: H / J
external follow cameras: C
zoom in/out: numpad +/-
move around in cockpit view : arrow keys

enable missile target sight (also used to choose ground camera loaction): P
move target cross: arrow keys
lock target (select ground camera position): right mouse-button
move around in ground camera view: arrow keys
simplified camera system for combat mode: , (comma)

Fire machinegun rounds: left mouse button
change missile type: CTRL+A  ; note this key combination also enables/disables altitude autopilot hold....running out of useable keys :(
increased explosive power: CTRl+T
decreased explosive power: CTRl+B
autofire missiles (each 20 secs): K

disable/enable player plane damage: CTRL+K
help menu: T

for use with joystick buttons consider the following key bindings, that you might change with your joystick buttons:

keybinding info for joystick setup:
"air/controls/canopy" O
"air/autopilot/wing_leveler" CTRL+W
"air/autopilot/heading_hold" CTRL+D
"car/weapons/fire" mousebutton
"car/controls/horn" increase camera range H
"air/weapons/master_arm" decrease camera range J
"air/autopilot/SAS" label key CTRL + S
"air/autopilot/altitude_hold" missile/bomb choice CTRL + A
"air/controls/eject" decrease explosivepower CTRL+B
"car/controls/speed_limiter" increase explosivepower CTRL+T
"air/controls/deploy jettison cute" show view P
"air/sensor/set_spi" show hide info shift+K
"air/fuel/shut_down" parking break custom key \
"air/sensor/lock_target" autofire K
"ot/player/context" lock target right mouse-button
"air/sensor/fov_zoom" zoom numpad +/-

Seems every new mod has its preferred camera view  :)

Thank you very much fly77 for your time and your attitude. I will have to start studying how to fly in formation.
I couldn't download the file as there is a restriction ..
thanks and greetings..
magnificent :)

I have "unlocked" it now for everybody. So it should be downloadable now without requiring unlocking request.

I think I need a little more practice. jejejeje. :)
but it's super fun


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