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Author Topic: Space Tourism Game  (Read 1972 times)


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Space Tourism Game
« on: February 10, 2022, 01:34:49 pm »

As I have no programming knowledge and no money, I wanted to leave an idea for the game here. Maybe someone will take advantage of this.

Game genre: space tourism

Game idea: A space travel game in which:
We choose the route, e.g. Earth - Mars,
Then we choose the ship we want to go on a trip,
And finally, we choose the time of our journey / the speed of our ship.
The real time needed to complete the route or reduced as much as the player wants.
Reduced time = increased speed without warp drive because this is a tourist trip

The game can be multiplayer or single player
On board the spaceship, our character:
-She will have a hunger bar
-Ability to travel with or without gravity
-We will be able to lie down when we want to turn off the game:

In multiplayer, if we choose the long way, our character will wake up when we enter the world and continue our journey

On board the spacecraft, it will be possible to:
-Playing mini-games
-Visit a restaurant when our character feels hungry
-Flirt with guys or girls in voice chat
-Ability to do role play

-Landing on a planet and exploring it
-Buildings on the planet or without
-Ability to visit all planets and moons
-Ability to mod the game
-Ability to make your own ship model