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I am proud to release my first outerra minigame: "snowball"

The game "character" is a snowball that you can roll and steer. As you roll over snow the ball grows as in real life.
The snowball is spawned together with 25 coins initially in a range of about 300 x 300 m, that you need to find and collect by rolling over them giving you score points.
Also as you grow the ball you accumulate score points. Be careful though to avoid hitting terrain bumps or collide to hard with trees as the ball may explode.
Also consider that in water it will slowly dissolve.
More coins are spawned once you find and collect at least 20 coins. A new batch of 25 coins is spawned every 20 coins you collect.
Extra points are eraned for coins in water and in forests as these present more risks. Also after growing the ball beyond a certain size and keeping it alive
for at least 1 min bonus points are earned.

You can spawn the game (the snowball) anywhere on earth, which gives you an endless choice of difficulties: start easy spawning it in plane terrain
(just avoid spawning it near building agglomerations since this will freeze outerra because of a not yet solved bug in the game) , then try some hilly terrain possibly with some
lakes and forests, more difficult still is to spawn it in areas with high forest coverage or in mountains.

The ball steering is somewhat weird initially but you will quickly get used to it: the steer direction left-right is determined with respect to the rolling if the ball doesn't
roll the steer direction can be indetermined. So just keep the ball allways rolling ! No need to roll it fast. In water steering is more tricky influenced by ball spin direction...just to make it more challenging  =D

Keep in mind that as time passes your points slowly "erode".

Any score earned if higher than your previous score will be stored for the next game session.

So get started and have fun !

Download the game from here:

there are two files : fly77_plugin.dll  and snowballgame.otx
1) drop fly77_plugin.dll  into Anteworld/plugins folder  ! (not in the username/Outerra/plugins one)
2) click on self-installing snowballgame.otx file


thrust forward : W
brake : S
steer left : A
steer right : D
(steer left/right is relative to the current rolling direction)
turbo thrust: F
jump : J (only works when the ball is in water/under water)
enable/disable game music : K
exit game : L

hint: coins in water give lots of credits but entering water is dangerous, both because the snowball
slowly dissolves and because the ball might sink. If you sink the only way to get out of the water or get floating is to jump ( J key),
to lands softly on the water or terrain in a jump enable turbo mode and press brake (S key)

Summary of how you earn or loose score points:

+1 points  for coins on land
+5 points for coins in forests if the ball previously collided with trees (which means the coin was hard to reach)
+10 points for coins floating in water (these points are accredited in the session-score only once you reach the shore)
+10 points once the ball reaches a certain size (signalled by sound) and you keep it alive from this moment on for 1 min (the snowball will then reset to its initial size)

-0.3 points collision with a tree without exploding
-5 points if the ball explodes due to a collision with trees, terrain or water

As time passes the score points slowly erode

When the ball is in water score points erode faster

when I saw the snowball, I thought that they were in some kind of snow movement, an avalanche... but then when I saw the Euro coin I was taken aback...
hahaha. Now he understands about the Euro currency.
who said outerra didn't have a slots game??
thank you for your time fly77 thank you very much

LOL ! Enjoy ! Let's see who'll be outerra's  "snowball champion" . My highscore so far is 520 points..try to beat me !  =D

My score 1069  :)

who controls the creator? and if you were cheating. jejejej :)


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