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spawnable cow with physics (release)



Hi everybody !

After a long period of silence here I am again with a new mod: my spawnable Cow .
I made it inspired by a suggestion from Wildhyena (by the way: looking I am forward to a cool new car mod form Wildhyena that can be used with the cow !  ;))

This cow has physics, so it can be transported by car/boat etc.. mods such as my oldboat mod or my excavator mod or any future vehicle/boat mods. It is animated and moons.
Have fun trying to to bring it safely to destination ! 

download it from here:

It installs simply by clicking on the self-installing "spawnableCow.otx" file

Find it under vehicles under cow fly77 icon.

Here some random fun with the new spawnable cow mod.

Oh yes !   It happened !  ProfPinhead (formerly SwiftHyena) released its new Gavril car mod which is able to transport stuff !
And its a lot of fun indeed ! After I loaded my spawnable cow I found though that she likes to ride a lot - as if she wanted to be in the drivers seat  :)) !
While funny I thought I'd better adjust its collision-shape to her real body parts so that she can stand more comfortably inside the Gavril.
So please proceed and redownload the "collision-corrected" cow from the above link  now !

Old spawnable cow likes the ride a lot !

New spawnable cow behaves more realistically !


Made it more challenging to transport and more fun to play with , giving it a more realistic mass and center of mass: try bringing it safely to destination now !   =D =D

Redownload again from above now

note: if it seems to difficult you can lower the center of mass height (the z value) in line nr 41 of the cow.js code in packages/fly77/Cow4 folder

--- Code: ---return {mass:400 , com:{x:0,y:0,z:0.65}}; 

--- End code ---

for instance change it from 0.65 m to 0.4m or lower 

--- Code: ---return {mass:400 , com:{x:0,y:0,z:0.4}}; 

--- End code ---


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