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ProfPinhead's Vehicle Emporium - Landrock Tributary 3500 XL released


ProfPinhead's Vehicle EmporiumThis is where I'll be releasing my vehicle mods for Outerra for the time being. I will most likely switch over to the Steam workshop once Outerra World Sandbox is released.
All credits go to the original creators of the models/sounds.
2003 - 2012 Landrock Tributary 3500 XL
Introducing the Landrock Tributary 3500 XL, a collaboration between me and Fly77.
Ported from Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the Tributary is a large diesel pickup truck based on the third generation Dodge Ram pickups. It is bigger and more modern than the D-Series.

Again, as you should be able to with any pickup truck, you can put any object of your choice that isn't static in the bed and take it anywhere with you.

But it isn't your ordinary pickup truck. Thanks to Fly77, it has some more unconventional, and very exciting features. Carried over from his mod of the default buggy are the jumping ability and the drive-by/cinematic camera. But the real cherry on top is Phantom Mode. When it is activated, a green light on the top of the truck will turn on, and it essentially allows you to drive through any building, tree, object as if it didn't exist at all. Fly77 originally got the idea to create it when we were discussing how the bad collision on Outerra's buildings makes driving in cities, particularly European ones difficult.

The model from the dashboard is a modified version of the dashboard from's Ibishu Hopper. The model and textures have been somewhat modified to better fit the truck. All sounds are from My Summer Car.


Because of it's functionality, this also requires Fly77's "fly77_plugin.dll". Install it to "Program Files/Outerra/Anteworld/plugins"

Ubisoft, BeamNG.Drive: Original models
My Summer Car: Sounds
Fly77: Jump ability, Drive-by/cinematic camera, Phantom Mode
Myself: Some texture work, everything else.

Gavril D Series
I present to you, the Gavril D-Series, ported from an older demo version of BeamNG.Drive

Before I say literally anything else, I'd like to thank Fly77 for helping me out with the script for this vehicle, giving me advice, and just being an awesome person in general.

It's a very basic V8, rear wheel drive pickup truck. So basic in fact, there aren't even power windows. As you should be able to with a pickup truck, you can use it to haul any objects that aren't static like the default crates and balls, and Fly77's cow.


Myself, Fly77, Outerra: Literally everything except the model, textures and sounds.
BeamNG.Drive team: the original model/textures
Sounds recorded from

Oh yes ! It happened ! Thank you so much for this fantastic mod  and the really kind words ! It's a long time I wanted to see something fun like this in outerra !
I immediately loaded stuff and did some test-drive ..a lot of fun indeed as expected !
I also noticed my cow didn't fit well into the cargo area. That is because by default her collision shape is simply the bounding box. so I corrected her collision-shape to her real body parts.
You can download from my cow release now the corrected cow and it fits nicely into the car. More realistic for sure...maybe less funny ?!  :))

The Landrock Tributary 3500 XL has been released. Download it and try it out! Let me know what you think of it!

wonderful !  transport stuff from A to B along a route, while listening to music and driving the car with new drive-by cinema camera ! Pure joy !  Can't wait  for a even bigger transport vehicle...lorry or truck where you can load more cargo !


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