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Author Topic: Deer with AI player interaction (release)  (Read 2465 times)


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Deer with AI player interaction (release)
« on: April 14, 2023, 10:40:57 am »

It is my pleasure to release my second animated animal mod for outerra.
After my animated cows now its the turn of Deers !

Contrary to the cows - which are almost just for "decorating" the scenery and for having some fun transporting them - the deers
react to the player with inbuilt "artificial intelligence", which allthough simple is very effective and fun to play with
as you can chase them, kill them, trasport them or have some cozy gameplay adjusting their shyness so that you're able to actually approach them.

(for the cows by the way you can find the cows which I released as two different versions
here https://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=4968.msg49349#msg49349
and here https://forum.outerra.com/index.php?topic=5025.msg49998#msg49998)

Download the deer mod from here: 

download both the Deer.otx file, the fly77 folder and the fly77_plugin.dll file as all three are needed
1) drop the fly77_plugin.dll file into into the plugins folder where your outerra.exe is located "..../Anteworld/plugins"
2) drop the fly77 folder into the packages folder where your outerra.exe is located "..../Anteworld/packages"
3) click on the self-installing  "Deer.otx" file


deers are placed in the scenery editor (f7) .search for "deer" under assets ..drag and drop it in the world where you like.
 Note that Deers placed in the scenery editor will be permanent
unless you kill them while playing (see below).
Once placed Deers will immediatley start to walk around - or well:  "move"
since I have not yet added walking animation. It will wander around randomly, having a tendency to stay around where you placed it in the scenery editor
but it will have considerable freedom to wander around.
Note:  it will try to avoid water. If by mistake it steps into water it will walk out of water immediately.

chasing deers: deers will react to the player whether in vehicle, plane, boat ot character but not in ufo mode.
By default it will start to pay attention to the player when the player approaches it at less than 50 m and escape if you approach it at less than 40 m.
These values can be adjusted by the user by
editing the Deer objdef file found in fly77/Deer folder
setting the two values of attentionDistance and escape escapeDistance in the line parameters...(see more details below)

killing deers: if you manage to touch a deer with any player vehicle/plane/boat/character while you are entered the same the deer may be killed.
Given the extreme normal shyness of the deers its not at all easy to get in touch of any of the deers unless you choose for example a very agile and fast off-road vehicle such
as the default buggy or any other you think is appropriate for safari hunting. A blood splash and a physical dead corpse will be spawned when you kill a deer.

Transporting dead deer corpses:
You will be able to collect dead deer corpses and bring them where you like with the latest Landrock Tributary 3500 XL mod update (once its released).
After picking them and dropping the dead deer will be permanent in the world as are the alive ones.

deer-scanner: given the fact that you can place deers in the editor all over the world (so far you need to do this by hand but I am working on a procedural spawner of deers)
it may not be easy at all to spot them by naked eye if they are not very near to the player. A very useful feature is thus
the deer-scanner hotkey: press the "middle-mouse-button" to show deers marked by red crosses within the neighbourhood (some km corresponding to outerra's tile size)
press "shift  + middle-mouse-button" together to hide the markers. The way the deer-finder works is that when you move around to a new place pres the middle mouse button to "scan" the new area for deers.
So press the middle mouse button as soon as you move to a new area , even if its only slighty away since the "scanning range" is only several kilometers and thus can't detect deers further away unless you move there and scan again, by once more pressing the middle mouse button.

customize deer behaviour:

example of normally shy deer:  attentionDistance= 50 , escape escapeDistance = 40 in objdef parameters
which means if you approach it at leass than 50 m it will start looking at you with attention
and if you approach it further (below 40m) it will escape. 

example of extremely shy deer:  escape escapeDistance = 80 , attentionDistance= any number greater than escapeDistance 
In this case it will not even bother to look at you but as soon as you approach it below 80 m it will escape

example of extremely confident domestic deer: attentionDistance=60, escape escapeDistance=0
in this case it will look for you in the desire to meet you as soon as you approach it below 60 m and won't escape at all even if you
try to ride it.

have fun !

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Re: Deer with AI player interaction (release)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2023, 01:32:24 pm »

small big fix for the deer-finder keys:  (14-4-2023) changed it so that middle-mouse button shows the deer markers and shift+middle mouse buttons hides them

please redownload from above if you have downloaded it before the bug fix


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Re: Deer with AI player interaction (release)
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2023, 06:57:16 am »

Winter Deer fix:  I fixed the issue of Deer sinking in snow ..so please redownload again from above.

before fix :

after fix: