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Tractor Beams a Reality (well, sort of)


C. Shawn Smith:

Found this article quite interesting, so I shared it on Google+, but thought I'd share it here too, because of the "reality" that it is currently.  Could be an interesting hook to some of the game's "tech jargon" rooted in real science (and you get bet it'll show up in the novella somehow ;)).

This quote from the article was what wowed me:

--- Quote ---The project started when Stysley, Coyle and Poulios heard that scientists had successfully manipulated laser beams to pull particles back in the direction of a laser beam.
--- End quote ---

I had no idea that was even possible.  Now to do more research into it!

Would be interesting to see their research work in paper ... what kind of principle it does work on, and what kind of material they can collect that way ....


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