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Outerra Tech Demo download. Help with graphics driver issues

Author Topic: I/ITSEC Military Simulator Conference  (Read 2003 times)


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I/ITSEC Military Simulator Conference
« on: December 01, 2011, 03:51:55 am »

These guys have so much invested in hardware and yet the software looks about doom 2 ish..

I think they need Outerra.
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Re: I/ITSEC Military Simulator Conference
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2011, 01:58:40 pm »

Well, the main point is to cut expences in real-life exercises, witch takes much efforts in mainly aknowledgement, routine and deep-system training/education of soldiers - mainly on any kind of vehicle/targetting device. Somewhat like russian Transas (http://www.transas.com| does. So no need for fancy graphics for a thingy, where the most time is spend behind a pannel and graphic enviroment usally serves like officer-like commanding and or owerwatch of achieving goals(hitting possitons for artillery or aerial targets for AA/Avia systems|. 

Doe, liked the Spectrum-simulator, witch cloud combine marine/aerial/groud wehicles of multiple classes in an "sever"-like exercise. (Read about it a longer time ago, damn hard to find it ewer sence ... will post right away, when i manage to find it again| Actually was an all-in realistic simulation of all its internal systems, mainly for combined action-training like target-search and giweaway positions of enemy units to others (from planes and intelligence ground units to navy and artillery units and that-like transitions with the modern onboard equipment| just on PC´s to not waste enormous resources on daily training for gas/aftermaintnance/amunitions. Something, like the american abrams A1M´s target-sharing function simulator would be.
Personally i like the idea - an wast multi-intelligence sharing and reacting sim. of a bunch of military vehicles with realsim. capabilities simulating a realthing function from A-to-Z. Just like someone wanted to enhance the T-72 balkans in flames with later digitalized T-80/90 equipment (plus mainly balistic and rocket artillery units| and put together with DCS´s fullclic aviasim + navysim, AAsim (like the ungarian old mobile radar targeting simulator for the SA-3 rockets made some while ago, only in a 3D space|, adding a couple of navigation-targeting units and devices (wehicled and infatry| ... they are mainly posible to use with hydraulic cocpits ... just a hell of a work, yea, i know werry well :D. Butt just damn atractive in Outerra enviroment as it sounds. 8)
BUT BACK TO THEMA  ;D  - usually an attempt to give such sim-training to normal infantry seems to me like an total bad approach. Basicly for the reason, that a fully-reqirement sim would be costly exceeding an real-life training, and without real shooting, physical and navigation experience, that needs to be as ones of the most inportant to be teached for them. Psychologicaly is it an bad idea too, as some qite unwanted side-effects can occur (empathy problems, associality and individuallity aproaching, mainly for the reason of wirtual target and civil personalities| as for a slight difference in depth-of-field and enviroment sence, that cant be really fully simulated for reflexes-training. Can be an odd thing to understand, just, simply, as if you wanted to taste an strawberry, that has an else collor and shape - the brain just wont let you sense it like a strawberry, because sences are an multi-sence system like memory. Or like when some specific smell makes you just out of your controll (reflexively| come up some memory on some thing or place witch will not rightly evolve in an simulated digital enviroment, as the right sences of danger.

Well, sorry for that mind-blowing complexity talk :D .... just, the only positive thing of such an approach for the regular infantry is the little training space needed, witch in my point of wiew has much more negatives than positives. Compared to the military technical stuff, that really cuts expences, makes it aviable to train 24-7 and simulating crisis-situations and no life-endangering/collateral damage factor for such kind of equipement is a rather different thing (still needed to later implement in real life, to manage reflexes and reactions to the real enviroment, like targeting and calibration in mowing wehicles, where it throws you around everyway on move in an dusty and noisy spaces|. Witch is maybe the main reason for the hardware-based approach.

P.S.: ... just crossed my mind. I hawent even heard of an logistics-simumalor. Just imagine ... a war scenario and you are there to ensure the routes/backup/supply means and lines for an changing front ... or just such-like attempt for crisis situations like flood (finding possible means of help and supplies, researching damage/humatnitarian situations and relocating everything to the zones by selfthought relevance/importance + some realtime ocurrances like one of the routes has been blocked/damaged, some of your own vehicles needs to be towed off an hole and additional suplies needs to be send to be at time/place for the lost ones ... maybe ewen ambulance-mapping, searching for free hospital capacity in the surroundings| ... surely a kicking thought to, if you could overtake some of the equipment as your will, like in the TTD or Transport Giant thought of Cameni. (or implement some of that thoughts| 
It would be an catcher maybe for some research based implementations of Outerra, that, with some certain physics adding for the needed purpose would give an detailed and correct data for them, like flood/possibility research of certain riverbanks, tsunami damage possibilities on shores ... simply some SHMU work stuff, whyle even the present terrain-manipulation in Outerra would give them some possible capabilities for searching the fitting solutions in terms of shore/bank/stream profiles editting (thats the Slovak Hydro-Meteorologic Institute|. .... ill better stop there, just starting complexing and off-topicking things again. Just hope some of them finds this note to catch on the line.  ;)
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