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New update on making another type of roads in the engine - dirt or forest roads.


The planned update with runways got delayed a bit because we want to include more things there and to tune it better too.

Looks nice as always.

This one left me pondering with one thing: How are you going to make these roads usefull?

Let me explain, even the dirt roads should be more drivable than the plain around them, because of mud and obstructions that would be there naturally. Now it looks that in a game player would choose to drive trough the plain rather than use these roads, even with a non all-terrain ready vehicle. So how are you going to solve this?

You should also make well maintained dirt road types, with no grass in the middle and less wheel tracks and bumps. Not every place have asphalt roads and still they are almost as drivable as the asphalt covered ones.

Yes, this was just a demonstration and you're right that these aren't much useful. However, the flat road shown on one of the screenshots is actually more drivable than the surrounding terrain because it's less bumpy. The other, rougher road is more a forest road where you have trees or steep terrain at the sides, so even a such one is good as it is.

Also, there will be rocks and shrubs on the plains, and when a proper wheel model is implemented the grass will be more slippery.

The grass in the middle results from the profile used; a flatter one would raise the middle strip only mildly and there won't be any grass.

That looks awesome. I like how it gives the whole scene a seance of intelligent inhabitants actually laying down the road infrastructure. Well done. Do you guys have like an editor u use to lay down roads and stuff? Or is it all done through text based coding?

The roads are laid down by driving along the desired path and periodically hitting the b key, as in the previous video about the roads. Hitting the key at the same place twice will build the road.
There will be an editor window where one could set the road and way point parameters such as the road type, ┬▒height offset, road and border width, transient width and more.


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