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Author Topic: Importing models?  (Read 3993 times)


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Importing models?
« on: June 11, 2010, 12:16:39 am »

I saw you had the CS terrorist and the Tatra is from somewhere so a system for importing models is in place. I was wondering if there is a specific format Outerra is currently compatible with and how does the engine handle physics interactions between two models. (friction, weights, etc)

The main reason I ask this is because the race tracks in the sim-racing game rFactor are actually just giant hightly detailed models exported from any 3d modeling program (ie 3DsMax) and then converted into the format .mas and .scn files.

I believe then it should be possible with some GPS cords to simply place a fully detailed real life track (say Laguna Seca) directly onto Outerra's pre-made landscape. I am not sure how different surface physics would react once imported (asphalt vs grass vs sand) but just placing several of the FREE, OPEN SOURCE, COMMUNITY MADE tracks without copyright strait onto the earth would be an excellent demo of the versatility of Outerra.

I can just imagine leaving a race track in California and driving to an airport, Getting on a plane to Germany and then driving around the Nurbergring Nordschlief. What awesome dreams we can now all have.
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Importing models?
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2010, 01:40:18 am »

Yes there is an import tool that can process Collada files to create a package usable in the engine. The package organizes the data in a particular way that is effective for rendering. As a result the importer puts some restrictions on the imported stuff, and it can't just import everything there is of course.

The physics interactions between models aren't currently handled at all. Behavior of vehicles is handled in specialized chassis implementations that cares for suspension style and other things.

If there were vector data available for the tracks it could be imported by the road system. Once a better wheel model is implemented, the engine can provide the surface type under the wheels for it.

So I think this will all be possible in the end. And if we provide support for some known vector data format in order to import the tracks, the community will take care of the rest.