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Outerra problems on my PC.

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Okay, I've tried out the outerra engine and it runs pretty rough on my PC... no matter what settings they are set at.

I think about 50% it runs smoothly, the other 50% is just down right nasty.

Here's some pictures of what I get.

When things like that happen, my computer whines up indicating it's having trouble running the program.

And all of a sudden, the computer freezes and starts responding a few moments later... but this time, there's a message saying "NVIDIA OpenGL lost connection with the display due to a time out" with an "error code 7" underneath it indicating that there's a real problem with either outerra or my computer.

I'm running outerra with a gainward nvidia geforce gtx 260 graphics card

with the latest driver version (which is 295.73). If you need any more information, just ask.

I also found the game to be highly unstable even when it worked properly. As in if the vehicle goes too fast, if it impacted on something hard at just the right angle... Or the outerra game laggs (this would be when I would be doing something), the vehicle would literally fall underneath the map and it would be "irretrievable".

When a vehicle does this, it would continue accelerating and accelerating without a limit to its abilities, while it would do this, the vehicle's sound would increase its pitch too.

I'm not sure if it's the game or my PC... But something is going wrong... Can someone please help me out here?

Please attach eng.log and time.log from a session with such an error. How much memory has the card got?

I'm not sure where to retrieve these logs.

According to it has 896 MB.

When you installed the app, you first picked the install location, and then the data location. The data location defaults to your home dir \ Outerra.

C. Shawn Smith:

--- Quote ---The GeForce GTS 450 has a GPU core speed of 783 MHz, and the 512 MB of GDDR5    memory is set to run at 902 MHz through a 128-bit bus. It also is made up of 192 SPUs, 32 TAUs, and 16 ROPs.
Compare all that to the GeForce GTX 260, which features a clock speed of 576 MHz and a GDDR3 memory speed of 999 MHz. It also features a 448-bit memory bus, and makes use of a 65 nm design. It is comprised of 192 SPUs, 64 Texture Address Units, and 28 ROPs.
--- End quote ---

Compared to my card, Cameni, and I don't get these kinds of issues very often, if it all.


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