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Hi, I was just futzing around with the road tool in the mountains near the default load point.  Testing out making cliffside roads, getting used to making nice even curves, all that whatnotery.

Anyway, I have two questions.
1) Can I move an existing point, to either smooth out a long curve or straighten a wibbly segment of should-be straight road?

2) Can I delete ONLY back to a certain segment?  I accidentally told the road to do a barrel-roll, and it ripped itself apart on the cosmic level, and now it looks terrible.  But the unmake option just undoes the ENTIRE road, now several miles long.

On another note, first post here, and I was so excited when I saw the update on Moddb, I've been following it there since it showed up on the site.  It's amazing.

Well, I think I may know the answer to your first question.
If you left-click the point you want to move then press m to move it then left-click again when it is where you want it you should be able to arrange things how you want them. After that just click make again and you should be in business.
Hope I've helped.

Yes, and other usable controls are documented in the help tab of the road tool.

As for the second question - you can't yet delete/add specific nodes, but the problem you have can be solved by moving the nodes around, arranging them properly.

Thanks for that!  One more question, that I'll probably find out when I try it in a moment.  When I move a road, will it retain it's current height, or remap to the natural surroundings.

Oh, also, is it possible to move the height of a road more than 2 meters at a time?

m will adapt the height to the terrain
shift+m will put you into a horizontal move mode just as m would, except that it will lock the height to the original one when moving
v will start the vertical move mode, where you adjust the height with mouse and commit by left mouse button click.


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