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Simple Question I think. Now that some or hopefully many people use the Full-Alpha-Version of Anteworld I think about how can we help Outerra in a effective way?
Outerra works great on my System and I found some bugs and I will post them when I'm able to bring them into the english language. But what to do if we don't find new bugs? What are you expecting from your users?

Just report bugs to make it more robust, suggest improvements ...
Most of our time is consumed by bug fixing at the moment, but soon we'll be adding new features. There's a couple of them being worked on. I'm thinking about setting up a voting system (probably into the news page when people log in), to determine the priorities ... to an extent :)

Is there any chance we can create on line static object library for Outerra? Whilst the engine is still being tested etc it seems a good time to start gathering/making 3d objects and conversion tools ready for use later.

There's an idea for that ...

We can't host the files for legal reasons, but maybe the OT cloud backend could serve as a tracker, pointing client machines to where to get the object, should they see it.

It would work like this - when you as a player visit a location where there are some custom objects, the engine would retrieve the positional info + object type (a hash code of it). If the user already has the object, it would be rendered directly, otherwise a bounding-box placeholder will show up, and the client can query the server for the locations of the model. These should be either torrents or direct http download sources provided by third parties.

Thus, to create a library, you could just set up a custom file server that's hosting the files. To place the objects you'd just provide such an OT-recognized model link and place it into the world; OT would automatically update the tracking db.

Wow that sounds cool! I was just thinking of a plain old website which people could upload 3d stuff too for others to use :)


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