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Airplane Prop Texture is Black/& Roll Not Working. Also: Aircraft flying.

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1. My airplane is having a texture problem with it's prop. It is black, so it is an error or it doesn't exist, I'm guessing. Here is a picture.

2. Also another problem I thought of. I cannot roll my screen. Q and E did not work in UFO mode, I have to use the auto tilt feature, otherwise I cannot roll at all. I even re-mapped the controls and I still cannot get roll to work.

3. Which format should our 3D models be in for import (when importing will be allowed in the future)? I might start working on things so when it enabled I can import some stuff right away.

4. Another question, is there a way to clear all of the things I have placed at once rather than having to individually delete them?

NVIDIA GTX 260 (2 in SLI) - Drivers 285.79
Windows 7 x64
Three Monitors - 5760x1080
Corsair Nova SSD
i7 920 (3.8 gh/z)

Thank you!

Also: Are the airplanes and helicopters supposed to fly all crazy? I am going steady with low throttle and I just start spinning out of control for now apparent reason.

1 and 2 are known issues, should be fixed in the next update.
3. Collada
4. You can delete the cache folder in your data dir. However, this also removes the objects and roads that were there from the start, so you may want to reinstall it after that.

The aircraft should fly normally, unless you hit the ground. Do you have the joystick configured properly?

Thank you very much for the reply, and the amazing game/ simulator. I bought it as soon as I saw it and will try to get my friends to buy it as well.

Good to hear the issues are going to be fixed, and as for the aircraft flying, it really feels like there is wind everywhere or everything on the helicopter produced a ton of torque. I tried with my joystick and then just with my keyboard. If I spawn in mid air my heli starts swaying to the side and eventually starts flipping. Maybe I'm just controlling it wrong, but it seems to happen when more throttle is applied. Then I am pulled or jerked to some side.

Say I am level, and I turn the throttle all the way up, then my heli rolls almost completely over to the left if I do not counter it. Then once level it sways side to side like a boat.

Actually luishi it sounds like you and I have the same issue with controlling our planes and helicopters. I can't seem to fly the heli without it flipping over and the plane never leaves the ground.. What joystick are you using? I have a $30 thrustmaster that I can't remember the model of.


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