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Outerra Tech Demo download. Help with graphics driver issues

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Author Topic: Airplane Prop Texture is Black/& Roll Not Working. Also: Aircraft flying.  (Read 14469 times)


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Yep, that is about what happens to me. I'm guessing the flight physics settings for the heli are messed up... or helicopters actually do that in real life.


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You need to apply trim to level it. Hopefully Angrypig will make an auto-trim function there too.


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i must be doing something wrong because pressing shift by itself does nothing nor does shift+w/s/a/d plane still pulls up and left
Windows 10 Pro
Amd fx-8350
2x Amd r9 280x
16gig ram
Hisense 58" 4k3D TV
blah blah blah...
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