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I haven't seen anyone else report this, but the shadows are very wavy sometimes. It seems to happen about 50/50. Sometimes I'll look at the shadow and it will be fine, other times it will be wavy. I can't figure out what causes it. Here is a screenshot of what I'm talking about:

Also I should mention that the shadows do clip through the terrain (kinda like the third from the left, but a lot more) when nearing the edge of the screen timetimes, but since I have 3 screens they clip a bit more on my side 2 screens sometimes.

NVIDIA GTX 260 (2 in SLI) - Drivers 285.79
Windows 7 x64
Three Monitors - 5760x1080
Corsair Nova SSD
i7 920 (3.8 gh/z)

I think I figured out how to slightly replicate the clipping. When somewhat close to the shadows, look at them at the angle that the sun is pointing at them. If looking at them at the exact sun angle they should completely disappear, as they do for me. Around this angle is what also causes the wavy-ness.

XD I was not expecting that.  By your thread title, I was expecting to tell you to adjust the shadowmap resolution setting.  This... appears to be a different issue. haha.  I haven't seen this problem before.

C. Shawn Smith:
Interesting to note ... look at the shadow's positive side and negative sides (ie, look at the shadow end on the right-hand shadow, versus the left-hand beginning).  They match up almost perfectly.  They fit almost as perfectly as Africa and South America's coastline millions of years ago.

It's a problem of the models not being tesselated finely enough and our non-linear shadow technique, that's not yet tuned right as well.


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