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New patch:

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New patch released, autoupdater will update your version automatically upon start.

Changes (since 2972):

* added "Restart to apply" button to graphics settings
* upped the speed limit to 200km/s
* fixed speed multiplier degrading when pushed to extreme values
* fixed black propeller issue
* fixed crash when placing very long roads
* fixed crash after failed initialization of graphics, added message box stating opengl initialization failure
* profile for notebooks with switchable graphics with Nvidia chips is now created automatically
Patch 2985:

* fixed crash when going fast at high altitudes
* fixed HID issues on WinXP
* entering sandbox will switch you to ufo mode
* hidden debug keys

But now there is a shadow of what looks like a building following me/camera around. I guess its a bug. :D

Hmm nothing such here. Is it there from the start?

Yes it was there from the start but after a restart now its gone. Ill report back and take a screenshot if it happends again.

The black properllor problem has gone for me with this update  :)


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