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We decided to create this forum where we want to post various screen shots of stuff we are working on. This should be updated more often with any interesting tidbits we manage to create along the way, that do not get posted anywhere else. Since making videos is so easy from the engine, this forum will also contain various short video segments.

Awesome!  :)

Great idea making this catagory!  I'm looking forward to reading frequent updates no matter how big they are.

EDIT:  You're going to post these updates on MODDB right?

Wonderful idea for keeping us aware of new videos and screenshots! :D


--- Quote from: Abc94 ---You're going to post these update on MODDB right?
--- End quote ---
We will be posting only the media - the videos and screenshots, but not news articles.

Oh ok.  The cab video is showing up on MODDB now.  :)

BTW, I noticed that only the last three videos in the video section of MODDB are showing up now.  I remember seeing all of the older videos up there before but now they're gone.


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