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Graphics driver issues, startup problems (32 bit)

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Graphics card issues

Outerra requires at least 12.1 Catalyst drivers, the earliest ones that worked were 11.11 but they still had some serious stability issues. For the best result please use the 13.12 drivers, otherwise certain functionality may be even disabled - you'll get a warning about that.

Error or warning: Your graphics card drivers are too old or outdated
Download and install the latest AMD drivers for your operating system. If you have a mobility card, it's best to look for the mobility drivers from AMD, or from Guru3D.

Beware that AMD driver installer sometimes doesn't install the drivers properly, especially when you have applied a hotfix or some beta drivers before. It often won't install the newest drivers, even though nothing indicates it didn't.
If you are getting the warning about outdated drivers even after installing the newest drivers, please do the following:
* uninstall ATI/AMD Catalyst drivers completely (for example with Display Driver Uninstaller) and restart Windows
* download and install the latest AMD drivers for your operating system
Crashing on start, glitches, performance issues
Please follow the procedure above to ensure clean drivers and cleanup of old registry entries. Improperly installed drivers were often seen to be the cause of these problems.
If the problem persists, please also see the Black screen, crash on startup or various graphics issues section below.

Some beta drivers are known to have issues - for example, 13.8 beta and 13.10 beta drivers are known to cause severe performance degradation.

Problems on ATI 4000 series - terrain glitches, driver crashes
Support for ATI 4000 (and older series) cards was officially discontinued by AMD while the OpenGL drivers were still buggy. Since there's little we can do about it, support for these cards was discontinued in Outerra as well.

Program doesn't load on laptops with switchable graphics, detects Intel instead
Graphics card not identified. If assigning the proper profile in the control panel doesn't work (looks like it applies to DirectX only), you have to select the ATI card in the BIOS.
After this works you will need the latest drivers, that may not be available for your laptop from the manufacturer. You may consider looking for mobility drivers directly from AMD, or from Guru3D.


You'll need recent drivers on Nvidia as well, you'll get a warning if your drivers are older than 301.42.

If you have an integrated graphics chip together with the discrete graphics, you may need to assign a correct profile for outerra.exe so it can run with Nvidia drivers instead of the integrated (usually Intel) chip. It should be somewhere in context menu when right-clicking on the exe, or in Nvidia control panel.

If it doesn't work, you probably have an old graphics driver. Go to Nvidia and download a recent graphics driver for your card.


Only Intel Ivy Bridge and newer chipsets support OpenGL 3.3+, which is a requirement to run Outerra. You need driver version or newer.

Other graphics cards

For any other chips you'll get a warning about unknown/untested manufacturer, and the app will fail if the drivers do not support OpenGL 3.3+.

Black screen, crash on startup or various graphics issues

Black screen and eventually a crash on startup may occur when you have certain software running that interferes with OpenGL applications. Unfortunately there's little we can do about it as it's a driver issue, or an issue with these apps not handling OpenGL apps correctly. Software known to cause these issues:
- Bitdefender (exclude outerra.exe from checking it)
- Comodo "I'll be back!"
- EVGA Precission
- MSI Afterburner

Graphics problems:
- Steam
- Lenovo Veriface

You can find the list of software programs that inject into outerra.exe in the eng.log file (see below how to locate it), search for "injected modules". If you have problems and there are programs listed there, please try to shut them down and run Outerra again.

Operating systems

Windows XP (32bit)
Windows XP is not officially supported, but there's still a limited support. Because of a lower and fixed limit on available system memory for GPU transfers on 32-bit Windows XP you may encounter a not-enough memory problem. In this case please close all other apps, especially browsers and other apps that consume a lot of NP (non-paged) memory as shown in the Task Manager.

Reporting problems

If the above didn't help, please report the problem by providing information about the issue and your system. It's best to attach the eng.log file that is generated by outerra.exe.

The eng.log file can be found in your Outerra data directory where you specified it during the installation. If you used the default path, the eng.log will be in:
Windows Vista/7/8:  c:\users\<yourname>\outerra\eng.log
Windows XP:              c:\Documents and Settings\<yourname>\outerra\eng.log

oh noes thanks for the tips but the outdated drivers warning is just impenetrable. None of ways you or someone else described works at least for me. Its not an OpenGL problem I think is it ? [ATI Radeon 4800 Series in my case]

Can you physically check the versions of atioglxx.dll and atio6axx.dll you have in your system?

khm windows says that the version of atioglxx.dll is
If it isnt the needed version then where can I get the right one ?
Root deinstalling(with Windows, with Driver Sweeper or ATI tools) of the drivers (atioglxx.dll was removed completely too) and the updating to the latest drivers is the result.
But I haven't got atio6axx.dll only ati2dexx.dll and some others .dll files with ati2ev- prefix.
Thanks for the support.

cameni: is the right one. Is it the only one atioglxx.dll you have got there? And please attach your eng.log


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