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Graphics driver issues, startup problems (32 bit)

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I'm afraid I do not understand what does eng.log mean..? Is it a log file ? Where is it ?
And yes it is the only .dll with 'ogl' in system32 folder.
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oh sorry please it works now :) The problem was in placing THE OLD atioglxx.dll version in the Anteworld folder for getting it work before I have TOTALLY reinstalled the driver. Now I replaced the old version with a new and it works ! Sorry for such a mess.
So the answer is to manually delete the driver and put the newest one just as you said ! I had some problems with installing so it messed up with all of that.
Sorry for putting up a confusion delete our talk if so !

eng.log is file produced by outerra.exe. It's generated in your data directory, by default it's your home dir \outerra\eng.log

I've been investigating about my problem and nowadays it is impossible to run outerra in my PC. This is because Optimus software doesn't work as it should, it doesn't allow to execute outerra under Nvidia graphic card instead the onboard graphics.

There are a lot of people around of internet with the same problem in other games.

I don't know if you developers could do something to fix this problem and force to use nvidia cards on systems with onboard graphics.

Latest version of outerra.exe generates the Nvidia profile automatically, to simplify the process. But when it doesn't work anyway, it means that the drivers simply ignore the profiles for some cards. I'd suggest to report this problem to Nvidia customer support; there is nothing we can do to force it from the application's code (when the profiles don't work). Maybe it doesn't work specifically for OpenGL, you should mention that.

I know how to do this, but I'm drawing a serious blank...  How do I find my current driver version.  I have a GTX285, btw, so I guess I fall into the "problems on all 2xx series cards" category.


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