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Author Topic: Realtime Vehicle Physics in Games Discussed Thoroughly  (Read 11247 times)


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Re: Realtime Vehicle Physics in Games Discussed Thoroughly
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2012, 05:33:46 am »

A nice find !

That rock/sticks way of approach is a great idea for this age of computing ... now imagine an great in-depth modell  of a car or other object, in witch all the triangulars of polys hawe an "string factor" whyte an added variable of the "string/bond-breaking" distance to make it able to break and ripp off apart where all those strings are modded to react as the material it presents (metalls, wood, plastics etc.). It may take an great ammount of computing for a single better modelled car, but the potencial in realism and deformation modelling is an really nice way of thinking ... and an natural way of functioning in global. Maybe not for thousands of battle-tech and characters in an outerra world scale YET, but a start for small and larger places ... there it just hitts me: Using normal approach for distant objects and in an local area and field of vision this particular way of getting things to run as an addition to it. Lets just say, we would make an string-based tatra modell and at a distance of 40 m to zero it would substitute the basic one (just as the basic different object detail from distance approach, still having an way to make the moment of modell-change not to be seen - hide the pop-up of an better quality modell from the lower one, you certanly saw some of that stuff in older games when an car-textured box slightly dissapears as an higher detail modell popped-up in its inside. But if the 100m to 40m (those riddiculous distances are just for explanation) modell is of the same detail level and the difference is just the sting-based physics, it could show up some smooth transfer to a string-particle deformations and interaction - surelly the deformation would need an another book of discussion and projection of saving its state, when changing between those modells multiple times (so it doesnt "spawn" another fresh string-modell so you would see after a minute of distant driving all the deformations to dissapear because of it)) ... what would you say to that ?
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