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Author Topic: Some Ideas for an ever expanding Anteworld  (Read 1943 times)


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Some Ideas for an ever expanding Anteworld
« on: March 08, 2012, 10:22:07 pm »

First off i must say... wow, this engine looks amazing and i can see tons of potential for

games with this. Now to the reason for my posting, is to add some ideas for anteworld, i already

read what the game is generally going to be about on here. also in explaining my ideas i will be

referencing minecraft a bit, so i hope you don't mind.

   I will start off talking about colonization. One thing me and all my friends agree about

minecraft, is at the very start of the game making a settlement/colony is one of the most fun

aspects of the game. we love the challenge of starting off in a empty world with nothing but

resources at our hands to build our settlement on. We love the challenge of starting off with the

basics and building our way up, chopping down trees to make tools to mine other resources to make

more tools and too build up our settlement and etc. but at the same time minecraft is lacking a lot

in this field as well. You cannot build transportation other than minecarts. you cannot build big

boats, or cannons or anything to expand a colony. weapons and transportation basically. The only

resistance you have is from random monsters in the game, which is another idea point i am going to

talk about next.

   The other fun part about building a colony is the resistance or survival part of it.

building up your settlement/mining resources is a bit of a challenge because you have to fight off

monsters and the challenge is what makes it more rewarding and fun. in minecraft there are a myriad

of little monsters you have to fight against, but after a certain level of advancement they no

longer provide much of a challenge. I suggest making another AI near your location on the starting

world (within 10-20 miles?) that is doing the same thing you are... building a colony. When this

colony advances so far they will be sending troops to wipe you out, so this puts a new survival

defense challenge to building a settlement.( also i think a peace mode for sandbox free play option

would be nice too). The only other game i can think of that kind of does this is spore. once you

advance and kill the other colony near you there is a another greater challenge empire further

away. that would also be neat to add in your conquest to colonize a country or even continent


   The next idea i want to add is technology advancement. in minecraft you start with

nothing,then basic tools and advance up from previous tools and etc. I think starting out to mine

wood and stone to build tools to construct your starting building would be neat. You always start

out small to get things established before building/advancing to bigger and better things. Now as

far as the technology advances i think would be up to different mods or game play modes. some might

not like to advance past a medieval swords and bow style of world, and perhaps another map people

would like to advance up to today's type technology building planes and helicopters.

   Now on to NPC's. I think for starting off your colony, you should get a couple NPC's. The

more buildings you build and expand the npcs should multiply to have your ever expanding empire

grow. The purpose for the NPC's is to task them out to mine resources, farm food, be soldiers or

etc. Pretty much like playing a RTS game but being there on the ground as a player character.

   I always have tons of ideas for games like this, so i will end with these for now and

hopefully get a discussion going where others can expand on these ideas if they like them and to

give the creators of the game some ideas to add to anteworld possibly.