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Author Topic: A few considerations for future tools  (Read 3270 times)


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A few considerations for future tools
« on: March 18, 2012, 09:44:07 am »

It should become possible to adjust the altitude of a specific surface area. The area should be defined by outlining points as well as "included" points. Each point's elevation should be defined  by numeric input. It would even help more if the selected points could be shown in the "G = Google" tool. Usign the Google tool for creating roads, placing buildings and runways would also be extremely helpful.

The background for the altitude adjusting feature is the following:

Most digital elevation models are retrieved by radar scans (like the SRTM) and unfortunately return elevated terrain information where actually no elevation exists - but houses and forests! So for creating e.g. an airport it is of utmost importance that the whole area can be defined according to official geodetic elevation data. Adapting any kind of structures thereafter - like runways, taxiways etc. will allow to reflect the proper elevation model of these components. Almost no runway is ever completely level and horizontal nor does it usually show steep banks at the sides as it does nowaday due to too uneven surface.

As I said - a consideration for an extended tool which would make Outerra once more unique compared to other rendering engines.