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Gals and lads,

There's a tiny chance that we might be doing or participating on a global simulator thing with Outerra. I say tiny, but a chance.
We have been approached by "a second biggest player in the flight simulation in Germany" some time ago, and there are other possibilities gradually opening as well.

The ultimate goal would be an integrated simulator for air/ground/water/space simulation, where possibly different companies will be able to provide specialized simulator cores for particular vehicles or scenery plugins and other types of addons, on a unified platform.

We'd like to gather some opinions about the whole business here, particularly with regards to the viability and market space.

For example, is the option of having different vehicle classes at disposal in a single world more/less important than the highest possible fidelity of a single simulator type? If you say less, should we try to compete with other players just because of the unique properties Outerra engine has, or it would be more reasonable to focus on the non-covered segment of multi-sims and boost the fidelity in successive steps later?

There are surely other aspects you could see and tell.

But please don't get too wild, would you? It's just a survey to gather some raw information for us, nothing ever may come out of it :)

"is the option of having different vehicle classes at disposal in a single world more/less important than the highest possible fidelity of a single simulator type?"

Personally, I would have to say less, but I don't see how that is a choice we would have to make.

Outerra provides visuals, IMO it should do very little else as an engine. Physics model, input handling, etc should come via plugins. This way, eg. Aerosoft can bring a weather engine and flightsim tailored physics engine to the table, along with a base library of say airports. Then another company for instance could plug into that, and provide a visual Airliner, or they could even develop their very own physics model, outside of the base flightsim model someone offers. Someone completely different could do ATC simulation. This way, even more potential depth is achieved.

Stepping outside of flightsim, lets look at a racing sim on top of outerra.
Such a racing plugin would probably bring in proper physics model, as well as tons of carefully designed tracks. (when im in my flightsim helo I can fly over those for instance). A racing sime could also bring police AI, and more immersive city scapes, perhaps pedastrians. As long as lod levellin is done propertly, a flightsimmer can profit from all of those things as well, and vice versa. Race your Porsche to the airport and see AI generated traffic take off over you, something like that.

So, for me personally, I want maximum immersion in a genre. However, I believe the multi vehicle/simulation aspect helps rather than hurts/limits this aspect. I also think that with one united base engine, the modding community will be huge.

Edit: I appologize, removed reference to specific companies.

Outerra is a graphics engine.  The most it should be involved in vehicles is in making them look as realistic as possible.  Of course, air/water/ground/space simulation will affect how the vehicles behave, but that should be all.

Guys, we are not talking here about the engine, but about a simulator built on the engine.

And anyway, it's not just a graphics engine, at minimum it will also provide the data for collision handling (since it generates the world when refining real data), object management, spatial queries, and many other tightly tied services for the possible addons.

And since directly upon the start there won't be many addons right away, it would have to provide default implementation of physics for the supported vehicle classes.

Oh.  In that case, I think that variety should take precedence to individual detailing.  While some vehicles may not be very detailed, others can make them more detailed later.


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