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Author Topic: Importer: Doesn't update bonelist  (Read 3168 times)


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Importer: Doesn't update bonelist
« on: May 21, 2013, 08:16:05 am »


Noticed that importer doesn't update the bone list if you importing model second time (but with additional geometry, or changed names.

What happens is that it's reads everything from already existing *.impcfg.

The actual model imports ok, but if you've added new geometry that suppose to be a bone (or just changed it name in 3d software), it will not be visible in a list.
And will not be added to *.impcfg.

The solution is to delete *.impcfg before importing the model second time. But then you'll have to configure all import from scratch.
Which sometimes might be a long process (depending on bone amount).

Would be nice to be able to update *.impcfg on each import, with possibility to leave the bone selection and names (if they still exist).
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