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Author Topic: A Surreal "Outerra" Moment  (Read 10888 times)

C. Shawn Smith

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A Surreal "Outerra" Moment
« on: December 21, 2010, 06:37:36 pm »

Okay, as an artist and a writer, I tend to observe things around me a little more closely than the average person.  While walking, I like to look at patterns in grass and dirt, patterns on tree-bark etc (I know, I'm weird that way).  I'm completely fascinated by chaos theory, fractal and procedural generation, etc.

This afternoon, I was taking a walk with my son to a local restaurant.  Part of the restaurant is a paved parking lot, of course, but as we went from the grassy field into the parking lot, I was looking down at the grass, and my eye spied a perfectly surreal moment.  I had a flash of the screenshots and videos from the Road Making tests, specifically in the thread discussing the fractal transition between the pavement and the grass.  I'll be darned if I didn't see that fractal type pattern transition to the elevated pavement.  Was trying to find the specific thread regarding that transition, but can't find it at the moment.  Next time I head out to that restaurant, I'll remember to bring my camera and take a photo.

And on the way home, my son wanted to blow on a few Dandelions to watch the seeds fly away, and I'm staring at the grass and remembering the Light Speed video, when the camera focused briefly on the ground and you could see the individual daisies.  I know they were just textured, but I couldn't help but laugh and look up at the sky.

One day, Outerra ... one day!
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