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Author Topic: BTsync for distribution of mods in Outerra  (Read 2073 times)


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BTsync for distribution of mods in Outerra
« on: October 27, 2013, 01:59:56 pm »

I know there will be a system built into OT at some point syncing models and sounds and players etc.. But for right now http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html <<< this could do it for us.

Basically you pick a folder and permissions. Add it. Get a Secret Key (read only or full access) then share that key and it automatically sync's everyone with the key via bit-torrent.

So that means if I sync my data folder with the full 12gig dataset and dozens of cars with modded physics everyone could sync to my folder and everyone would share it so anyone new that sync's would get it from everyone else that has already sync'd.

For now I think the main modders could set up a sync on their \anteworlddata\packages\PytonPago folders and all their mods would just show up as they are modifying/adding them.

Just a very cool early preview of how I am sure OT will work in a year or two.

Also I am sharing all my music with everyone in my family. Backup's upon backups. In theory I could just keep a list of secret keys and restore my entire PC upon failure if I shared EVERYTHING with enough people.
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Re: BTsync for distribution of mods in Outerra
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2013, 11:14:32 pm »

So its something like an tech. companies software file dump to have the actual state of each workers work available for everyone ? I don't think it would be good for heavy/oftenly modded stuff, cause a lot of time (at least in my case) its in not much functional state due to work in process (i have the vehicles scripts trashed for quite a while right now cause of speculating whyte the engine props) ... at the same time, if you update something in a model while seeing it in OT, it normally crashes when you try spawn a second one witch may be a little annoying for people getting the shares (but there are ways to hold the modded stuff till you don't have it in sight, or restart OT) ... BUT, its a nice thought about stuff sharing. Maybe if you could implement such function into OT in an simple and thought out way - lets just say you change something in the model/script and at the script menu window (or a completely separate one) you could just select the object you want to share and button-confirm them. OT would then synch the actual object data onto a server in its actual state and people would have an menu in OT in witch they can look trough the stuff and could hand-pick objects (houses/vehicles) witch will synchronize the described way between the user and server, so if someone updates his work, he just "sends" it to the server and from it would be synched to the users right away when they are online ... it could be actually a part of the model library. (doe some modeler-rights access would be needed, cause badly uploaded stuff had to be removed too - model names are mostly from the model primary mesh and a lot of times i change that name during collada exports for OT importing). Or better, have for each object a  "download" and a "synchronize" option ... it would be nice-

So right now would maybe be better just double-folder the .../packages/user/ directory witch would be synched whyle people sharing stuff have to check their functionality before double-copying. But still, if the modder PC isnt up, it would not go ... (im a lot of time away from my OT-PC due to school). Or is it working between other synched people like a real torrent too ?
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