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Author Topic: TUTORIAL: Blender to Outerra, Object basic importing with texture and bump map!  (Read 3763 times)


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TAH DAH! Tell me if I need to re-record for better quality sound or if I was unclear in the tutorial itself.



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Is it suppose to be in 360p?
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Your dune looks like you forgot smooth shading. And 64k polygones are not low poly ^^. Btw its hard to see anything. I know what you are doing so i dont need the steps you take - but noobs will curse you for that ;D



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its a great tute wish i saw it when i first come here a few weeks back , but it wasnt ,made :)

 I thnk now you have put it down you need to watch it on youtube as if you knew nothing and take notes
 some cleaning up and clarification needed as i saw it

 Cube / Rectangle  you become a little lost here ;)
 Power of 4  ? is it not possible ^2 ?  power of 2 ? ( i dunno but think its ok )
 Uvmapping needs a little more explanation why in blender the UV faces dont match size of the texture in the UV Panel and what consequences of this are ?
Cant recall and cant get youtube at moment , but did you also explain DXTC1 for diffuse ? i saw you explained BC4 AT1N2 for Normal map tho :)

The manipulation thing in object editor works ok for smaller object but as you say with larger objects they are not recognised after first Spawn so cant move ( i have a 3lm Venus model lol i had same problem )

theres a few little pedantic things like poor sound at some point but overall good tute.



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Now that it's not 1am, I want to re-record it, so that'll happen.