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Author Topic: Make sure to restart Outerra before re-importing a model - saves frustration.  (Read 3257 times)


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Past two days I could not figure out why my model looked perfect in Blender and FBX Review but when I re-imported it into Outerra it was missing meshes or jumbled up into a million pieces.

Turns out I just had to restart the damn game instead of re-importing over and over within Outerra and the next time it loads up its perfect again.

I had gotten used to re-importing models on the fly in order to match up scale more easily since my models change in scale so often upon import into Outerra and I have to tweak the export settings in Blender till I get it right, didn't occur to me that the reason this model in particular was importing badly after re-import was because I had to restart Outerra in order to get it to reconfigure properly I suppose.

And if it happened to one model it's bound to happen to more...

Just something to keep in mind next time you're stumped and frustrated like I was.  :D


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Thanks for the advice!
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