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Author Topic: default position and rotation of camera when exiting a vehicle  (Read 3741 times)


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default position and rotation of camera when exiting a vehicle
« on: February 03, 2019, 03:59:22 am »

Hi cameni

I'd like to be able to alter the default position and possibly rotation of the camera that is set by outerra just after leaving a vehicle. It seems this position is sideways with respect to the vehicle and at a height somehow related to the height of the vehicle and of course points forwards to the horizon.
I'd like to be able to change this "default exit position" of the camera. By the way were is this defined?.

The reason why I want this is that I am experimenting with vehicles/planes parked on my aircraft carrier deck (collision box of the carrier coincides with the deck surface) and when I exit the vehicle I'd like not to end up in "OT free camera" mode outside the carrier but in a camera mode of the carrier on which the vehicle/plane is parked so that I am back in control of the carrier . I noticed that to get into the carrier ship the camera position must point towards the collision box of the deck and be close enough. As I exit the vehicles however the "default exit position" of camera is too high above the deck (half the vehicle height ?) and does point to the horizon, not towards ground. I guess that if it would be lower and point towards ground eventually exiting the parked vehicle I could directly get into the carrier vessel may be just by double clicking. right ? 
Similarly when in control of the carrier i'd like to enter a vehicle parked on the deck without getting thrown out to "OT free camera mode" far from the deck. ideally exiting the carried I'd like to be close to the position where I had been on the deck so that if this was close to a parked vehicle/plane I could by fast double clicking eventually end up inside the vehicle without too much hassle.
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